Read our case study, Nobody understands how I feel by Joan Healy.

We don’t Judge… but we do listen.

Counsellors don’t judge, but they do listen, and they can help make a real difference. Counselling is completely confidential and all meetings are held in quiet, private rooms at our centres or in school or college and there is no charge for these sessions.

Would you or someone you care for benefit from Relate’s counselling service for young people?

This specially designed service is intended to help those aged from 5 to 21 who may be:

  • Experiencing low mood / anxiety or self harming;
  • Feeling torn between parents in conflict;
  • Having difficulty fitting in to a new step-family;
  • Thinking that no-one is listening to them or has time to notice them;
  • Finding it hard to make friends or build relationships with others;
  • Having problems with friends, teachers or employers.

If you are a young person that might need some time and space to explore and understand problems with relationships – we can help. Or if you know or are responsible for a young person that might need help, whether as a parent, a social worker, a probation officer or a teaching professional, you can refer them to us.

Relate counselling is confidential and always begins with an introductory session to see whether counselling is right for you.

How do I get to see a Counsellor?

We currently offer counselling for young people at our Centres in Richmond and Kingston.

To make an appointment please call: 020 8940 8578 or 020 8549 3318 or use our contact form.

We are able to offer young people’s counselling at:

Our Kingston centre

Our Richmond centre

If you are a student at secondary school you can either contact us directly, or talk to your student services staff who will help you to access confidential counselling.

Relate London South West has worked at a number of schools, providing counselling on school premises.

If you are a member of the student support team and would like to discuss working in partnership with Relate to establish a confidential counselling service at your school or academy please contact Sally Bushell, Chief Executive at: or telephone: 020 8940 8578.