Our role is to listen, to encourage you to talk about your concerns and to help you make changes and decisions about how you want to move forward. We do not judge you or take sides.

We can help you to work things out in a relationship, or to make a separation less painful and more amicable. If your relationship has already ended, we can help you find ways to cope with that, and to work out how to avoid the same problems in the future. Many of our locations are accessible to people with disabilities and some of our counsellors speak other languages, including Croatian.

Who is Relationship Counselling for?

Relationship Counselling is for:

  • Individuals or people who are in a relationship but would prefer to attend on their own;
  • Couples who are married, living together or separated
  • Same-sex couples


Once you have contacted us we will ask you for some basic information such as name, address and contact information. We will not call you or write to you without your permission and we will always be discreet in our dealings with you. Your details are held in the strictest confidence, as is anything you say to a counsellor. We will not give any information about you to anyone outside Relate unless we have reason to believe that someone’s personal safety is at risk.

Initial Appointment

We will offer you a consultation with a counsellor as quickly as we can, normally within a week, depending on your availability. This session, which lasts for an hour, is designed to establish what you see as the main reason for coming for counselling and to decide whether counselling is appropriate for you. You will be given an availability form to complete which will help us offer you ongoing counselling at a time that suits you. You can often be given an ongoing counselling appointment quite quickly, but sometimes there is a waiting list. Our centres are open on weekdays and weekday evenings as well as Saturday mornings. You will normally come at the same time each week, and will see the same counsellor for as long as both you and the counsellor feel it is helpful. It is important to keep your appointments to maintain continuity and to ensure you get the most from the counselling process.

How much does counselling cost?

Relate is a non-profit making organisation and a registered charity. We ask clients to contribute to the cost of the counselling they receive. We rely on contributions from clients to ensure that our services are available for all.

The standard client contribution for your initial assessment interview will be:

Relationship Counselling (individuals and couples) – £65.00

Sex Therapy – £70.00

Family Counselling – £70.00

Young People’s counselling – Free of charge (if resident or goes to school in Richmond or Kingston) – £65.00

Our Appointments Administrators will ask you to contribute this amount for your initial assessment appointment. Your contribution towards the costs of further ongoing counselling appointments will be discussed at your initial assessment interview and the amount is usually agreed on a sliding scale based on your income. This will be explained to you by your counsellor.

We offer a Payment Assistance Scheme for people on a low income, in receipt of benefits or suffering financial hardship for whatever reason. Our minimum payment for evening and Saturday morning appointments is £40, however we are able to reduce contributions to as low as £15 for weekday, daytime appointments and we aim never to turn anyone away for lack of funds. In exceptional circumstances we may be able to agree a lower amount for daytime appointments.

Counselling for children and young people aged 5-19 that live, work or study within the London boroughs of Richmond or Kingston is provided free of charge under our contract with Achieving for Children.

The service is open to everyone, but a charge of £65 per session is made for counselling with young people outside these areas.

To find out more about Relationship Counselling please call us on 020 8940 8578 or email us using our contact form.