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The Way We Are Now 2015

Relationships matter. They’re the life-blood of a thriving society and sustain us through the good times and the bad. Our 2015 relationships study gives a unique insight into the home lives, working lives, social lives and sex lives of people in the UK. The results highlight the importance of looking after our relationships – and making… Read more »

What’s love got to do with it? 14 ideas for putting relationships at the heart of public policy

Relationships matter. Good quality relationships with partners, families, friends and wider social networks provide meaning to our lives and are central to our identity. But they also hold the keys to our health and wellbeing; to our ability to engage in and progress in education and at work, to our long term life chances and… Read more »

Christmas Hopes and Fears Polling 2014

Family time tops Christmas lists in the South of England New Relate survey reveals the region’s festive hopes and worries 89% of people in the South of England said spending time with immediate family is important to them for a happy Christmas this year* 86% of people in the South of England rated avoiding family… Read more »